Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 8 - The Passing of a Year

The Passing of a Year
(Jaquith, 2012)

Do you really think so?
Do you think I care?
Tell your sad song to the Old Man down the lane,
He has heard it all before,

What was that?
Something about love lost,
Memories and misgivings, a new adventure,
Tattered lies and hidden deceit,

The Old Man will understand,
He knows it all too well,
They say it was a woman that touched him,
The only one he let in,

But she couldn’t feel it,
The love that he felt,
And so, lost in the embers,
Is a story they never wrote,

I wish I could reach him,
Sooth his pain,
Renew his confidence,
Enough to feel again,

But that time is lost,
The world has moved on,
Spring time in Paris and a walk across the Rhone,
A soft gentle kiss and the sultry taste of wine,

Better left to the young they say,
These images of love,
They will find their place,
In a world of misconception and loneliness,

But to you my love,
I raise a lost and lonely cheer,
To the pursuit of a memory,
And to the passing of a year.

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