Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 9 - Memories of Me

Today’s theme is famous people and how they may have viewed the world.  In that theme, two songs that I remember most vividly from my youth are “Candle in the Wind”, Elton John, and “Simple Man”, Lynyrd Skynyrd.  These two songs may seem diametrically opposed at first, but the message, I think, is the same.  We all seek recognition, love, fame and fortune, but we don’t recognize the cost of being more than a “Simple Man” until the demons are upon us.  We all struggle with identity.  We all struggle to be accepted.  We all struggle to be loved.  We all struggle to find “me”, whom ever that should be.  Although, not strictly sticking to today’s theme, I hope you can find the message, keeping Norma Jeane in mind.  In that theme, there is a constant truth – “the mirror tells me lies”.  Look deep, see past yourself and find the person others see.  Don’t be a “Candle in the Wind”, be who you are.  Please go back and listen to these two songs and take from them what you can.

Memories of Me
(Jaquith, 2012)

Memories of me
Something new to see
Truth behind my eyes
The mirror tells me lies

Tell me who I am
Reach out a loving hand
Wipe away all I see
Bring me back to me

I gave you a smile, and
That will have to do for awhile

I gave you a smile
A smile, a smile

I gave you a smile, and
That will have to do for awhile

I find comfort in a lie
I find my reasons why
Bring them back to me
Stolen memories of me

Count my tears that fall
A penny for them all
Save them up for me
Why won’t they let me be?

Take me by my hand
Make me understand
A love so unreal
Help me just to feel

I gave you a smile, and
That will have to do for awhile

I find the strength to stand
Please tell me who I am
Something new to see
These memories of me.

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  1. Simple Man has always been one of my favourites. And CCRs Who'll Stop The Rain. ♥