Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 11: Musings

(Jaquith, 2012)
Should I tell you a story about the wonder of spring?
Tulips and daffodils and that sort of thing
Beautiful flowers and the mist on their leaves
The renewal of life, chirping birds in the trees

The new blades of grass that tickle my toes
The overwhelming earth smells that dance in my nose
The riggle of an earth worm, rescued from the road
The smile on my face or the call of a toad

Refracted light, quietly escaping the night
The dancing of shadows and all this is right
The feelings of love that flow from my chest
Another day’s lover, another day’s test …

No, I think I'll leave these words to another man ...

My muses carry daggers, hidden deep in their pockets
Their love of life, they keep safe from the prophets
Wicked smiles on their faces with sharp toothy grins
Mad stories of woe, they regale in their sins

They lead me to places of misplaced misery
To unfortunate house wives, the struggle of the free
I see smudges on the wall, water stains on the roof
Life's hidden mystery, a mistaken search for the truth

I'm drawn to the tear on an old hooker’s cheek
My eye sees the darker side, the struggle of the weak
I hear a junky slowly fading in the next bathroom stall
My mind is open but is there is room for it all?

I look around me, a happy life I should see,

Smiling faces and laughter, it's time I break free …

Now my Jenny’s muses, they dance for her in the night
Singing songs of beauty and redemption, of love ready for flight
I think I just saw one out the corner of my eye
When they smile on me again ... I must ask them why.

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