Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 3A - Jenny

Today's theme was "weddings".  I didn't know that until now ... I will have to check tomorrow morning before I post something.  So here is a little something before I'm off to me bed:

(Jaquith 2012)

The old wooden floors creaked beneath his feet as he shuffled from side to side. The smell of candle wax, stale incense and the fear of God surrounded him.  This isn't how he had imagined it.  This wasn't what he wanted.  His feet hurt from his Uncle’s old shoes and his neck was chaffed by a poorly fitted, over starched shirt.  The heat of day was coming up and the slight breeze outside didn't penetrate all the way to the alter.  The angels had arranged for a beautiful day.  Momma would have liked this.  He didn’t expect Pops to come down from the lumber camps for something so simple as his son's wedding.  Her folks were gracious about everything, but he knew how they really felt about his type.  “Hard working, but dumb as sin,” he over heard her Paw say one evening after the dance.  “Better to send his kind off to war … but with the baby and all.”

He heard the carriage pull up. The snicker of horses gave him comfort.  He could feel her smile from here.  He wanted to run to her, escape the judging eyes, seek her comfort. But he knew this was what she wanted.

“’Till death do us part Jenny … ‘till death do us part …”, he could remember that line at least.  He would make her proud.  He knew Momma was watchin’ from on high and that would be good enough.

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