Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 11A - A Good Morning

To those of you who suffered through my poorly edited post earlier this morning, my apologies.  Wrist slapped, head bowed in shame … won't happen again.  Actually, it might.  I pulled off a solid C+ in elementary school spelling.  I am afraid things haven't gotten much better with time.  (Insert sad face)

After all of that nonsense, what was today's theme you ask? The five senses he says. What do you see, smell, feel, taste, and hear? In my haste this morning, I think I missed taste.  But no more edits, it stands or falls as it is.

So here I will try to make up for this morning’s disaster. Let me know if I missed anything:

A Good Morning
(Jaquith, 2012)

I’m a comin’, I’m a coming
Now keep it down you
Yes, yes, I can see you
Big green eyes for me today?
"Are you lookin’ at me punk?  Are you lookin' at me?"
Now, now hush there little guy
Let your Momma sleep
You had her up all night
What's with the face?
Oh my, so that was the problem!
Feeling better now?
Man! What has your mother been eating?
There now, all cleaned up
Let’s go downstairs and get you a bottle
There, just the right temperature
Yes, Daddy knows how to do this
Yes he does … oh yes he does
Don’t tell your Mother though, it’s our little secret
There now, settle in
Tastes good little man?
Well aren't you getting strong
That's it
Don’t you ever let go -
I will always be here for you Dude
Any time you need me
Don't you forget it.

Oh, I hear your Mom
Should we go see?

No, no, we’re OK
You go back to sleep
Yup, I’ll get you in an hour.

Or two … yes she’s funny isn’t she ... or three or four
A woman needs her beauty sleep
So they can take care of us silly men
OK now,
We have the TV all to ourselves
What should we watch?
Charlie’s Angels? 
OK, sounds good to me
Now don’t you let me fall asleep.

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