Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 6 - When She Smiles

Today’s theme?  Go check for yourself, tell 'em Jimmi sent you:

When She Smiles
(Jaquith, 2012)

She looks up at me and smiles
I think
It’s often hard to tell
She never really tells me what is going on in there

The dim lights of the room glimmer in her eyes
Always attentive to my needs
She knows when I am feeling lonely
When I need someone there

We talk a lot
But she never really tells me what she’s thinking
“Do you believe in God?”
“I’m leaning toward reincarnation myself.”
“Did you see the numbers?  Looks like manufacturing and soft wood lumber have adapted to the high Canadian dollar.”
She just smiles, crosses the room and kisses my wrist

I don’t think she’s ever really lied to me
Though, I’m sure she’s kept a few things to herself
In general, I think I could trust her with my life
A companion I would fight for

Although, I have to admit
She’s not the looker she was
It doesn’t seem to bother her much
Those little things in life pass her by
She’s just too happy inside
To be bothered with all of “that”

There are more that a few extra pounds
And all in the wrong places
She can’t quite keep up like the young ones do
Her breath’s not so sweet
Her tongue hangs out the wrong side
And I’m not sure how well she sees

But we’ll keep her anyway
She makes me happy when she smiles
The boys still call her “Puppy”
Our beloved "Panda Bear"
We’ve ploughed an interesting road together, you big dumb dog
But in your own way, you've helped to keep us all sane.

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