Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 5 - Tell Me a Story

What was today’s theme you ask?  "New beginnings ..." 
Today, however, I prefer to reflect on and cherish those things and people in my life that I can touch and feel.  My new beginnings start with what I already have.  Tomorrow will come, the winds will blow, and we will stand together and weather the storm.  All right then, off to bed with you ...

Tell Me a Story
(Jaquith, 2012)

Tell me a story,
The one that makes me laugh,
Or the one that makes me cry,
The one about the eagles,
Or the devils who forgot to fly,
The one about the man who built the world,
Or the one about the man who lost it all,

Don’t take very long,
I might lose interest,
Life is too short to waste on such things,
Sad and ominous tales of things gone by,
The dark under belly of a picture perfect world,
Should it be the soft caress of a woman?
Or the hard sting of steal?

Oh I have one,
He was a strong man,
Bright but not very talented,
He travelled the world in search of adventure,
He sleighed the dragon, fed the poor, then kissed the girl,
But the Fates were unhappy, the Gods unimpressed,
And so he was left to suffer,

All very dramatic,
A message hidden in the tale,
But it leaves me quite uninspired, somehow hoping for more,
There must be more to life than this “wake up and carry on”,
I need passion!
A reason to live!
A reason to carry on!

What’s was that my love ...  you need a kiss?
Don’t worry, it was all just a bad dream,
Snuggle in here with me and tell me all about it,
Really?  I think you made that up,
All right then, off to bed with you,
A hug and a kiss,
I’ll see you in the morning.

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