Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 2 - Satin Sheets and Chocolate

Satin Sheets and Chocolate
Jaquith 2011

The thunder is rolling in
I feel mist upon my face
Its time to move on again
Disappear, without a trace

The heat of your touch
And the secrets that we shared
Your kiss so warm, so sweet
I know that you cared

I can almost touch you now
I can feel you deep inside
You kept coming back again
No matter how I tried

Your Mother’s eyes
Your Father’s strength
Always looking for something new
Little did you know my love
My stories were untrue

I kept it hidden well
Played the game just right
A little lie, a little kiss
Your love I had to fight

They’ll find you in the morning
Once the skies have cleared
I’ll be a thousand miles away
The one your mother feared

Satin sheets and chocolate
The roses that you sent
I’ll miss you my love
At least,
Until the money’s spent.

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