Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Recently a friend posted something on Facebook that caught my eye … I hope this helps.

(Jaquith 2013)

Nothing that hasn’t been said before
Nothing that will change the way you feel
Nothing I can do to change the past
Nothing left to give away

Sometimes things fit
Sometimes things fall apart
Sometimes we put them back together
Sometimes we walk away

The lies still sting
And the scars may never heal
But the strength found in the pain
Will carry us toward something new

Take my hand in yours
Hold it strong and never let go
I knew from the moment we first met
That I would have to give myself away

You were standing right in front of me
You wouldn’t let me go
You broke my heart
You put it back together again

I was searching the stars
I was lying to myself
I know we can never change those things between us
Why does it have to be so complicated?

Bon chance Cheri.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 11 - NaPoWriMo 2013 – Baby shoes

Day 11 - NaPoWriMo 2013 – Baby shoes

Baby shoes
(Jaquith 2013)

Candlelight flickers
The faint smell of the open wood stove in the kitchen
The clinking of dishes
The laughter of happy diners

What the hell is that woman wearing?
Definitely looking for a little something tonight
That guy has to be in his 60s
Money will buy you somethings

Fine foods
Fine wine
And a beautiful woman sitting across from me
Playing with her earrings and chattering on about her busy day

I can’t believe that f’n guy did it to me again
Every detail, mapped out, coasted to the penny
$125,000 in consultant’s fees
Two red eye overnighters to the back end of the other side of the world
He had the numbers 2 weeks ago
He didn’t even look at them …

“Are you listening to me?”
“Of course my love.”
“Oh no your not.  I don’t think you heard a word I said.”

Ah, fake it or get caught in a lie?
Better odds than getting this project into production
What’s the point in having a bonus if its going to get ...

“Ah, yah … I heard you”
“What was I talking about?”
“New shoes, I’m certain there was something in there about new shoes …”
“You’re an ass!”

Good thing she’s still smiling
Safety play

“I love you … ?”

That usually get’s me out a jam - focus
I’m sure that asshole lives alone with his mother
Who the hell would love an ass like that?
F’n guy!

“You better.  I told you I love you too, but I think you missed that part.”
“Oh no, I caught that part.  But you were definitely talking about new shoes.  Where we going?”
“God! Yes, shoes.  Little ones.  Maybe some new paint and furniture too.”
“Yah, the paper in the spare room is getting a little nasty.”

Habs playing tonight?
Can’t see the TV from here
I’ll go take a look after we order
Focus …

“Yes.  Little shoes.  You know...?  God you’re dense.  The kind of little shoes you might buy for a baby.  You know, baby shoes.”

Hun? This isn’t going to end well
Her sister can’t be pregnant again
Catholics.  I hate that guy and his I’m so this and that
Ah man, someone scored

“You have no idea what I'm talking about do you?  Didn't they teach you anything in that fancy school of yours?  A baby moron … you’re baby.”

“Would you like something to drink before ordering Sir?”

Ahh … yah ... what did we order last time?
Baby ... shoes ... new paint … oh man!

“Yes Sir! Two Shirley Temples! But make mine a double!”

Day 10 – NaPoWriMo 2013 - Hungry for the lie

Day 10 – NaPoWriMo 2013 - Hungry for the lie

Hungry for the lie
(Jaquith 2013)

Taste the wind
Smell the rain
Hold me close
Teach me this game

Holding their illusion
A swelling confusion
Lost in conviction
A fools addiction

The mirror conceals a lie
Look deeper
See what we see
Little more than we told you
A little more
Than you need

Raised up
Then broken down
A need for something more?
Who do you think you are?
Listen to what we tell you
Another one to ignore

Looking in
See what you see
Take what you need
Then leave me here to bleed

You like me this way ...

I like it this way …

Broken ... shattered ... smiling.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 9 – NaPoWriMo 2013 – A voice for the Next Age

Day 9 – NaPoWriMo 2013 – A voice for the Next Age

I’m a little behind my friends.  Life takes its own path.  I will catch up for you.

A Voice for the Next Age
(Jaquith 2013)

She said, “ Come to bed.”
But I had something important to do
I needed to know what you where up to
I know your name, I’ve seen your face
That counts for something

The days slip away
And I loose you more and more
Confused by all that surrounds me
The “smoke and mirrors” of a life
Made for my consumption

Call me coach, mentor, leader
The man you want me to be
But who remains?
What do they want
And where will I find
Enough to fill their vision of me?

Lost and lonely in my head
Needed by all I find
A never-ending hunger
It feeds upon itself
Leaving nothing for me

Find me in this carosel of fools
Find me my solid ground
Finding me a voice
A voice clear and near
A voice that holds the test of time
A voice for the coming age.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 8 - NaPoWriMo 2013 – Too Late to Think

Its 10:30 and I should be off to bed
Little more in this day need be said
I woke, made my way through the day
Thought great thoughts in my usual way
Looked for words that make you smile
Looked to make it all worthwhile
But now it is too late to think
And I stare at an empty drink
Nothing left here to say
No games left to play.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 7 - NaPoWriMo 2013 – Another One

Day 7 - NaPoWriMo 2013 – Another One

Today I thought I would share a moment in time with you ...

Another One
(Jaquith 2013)

“Check 10!”
“Check 10!”
Dad’s voice amongst the din

Heart pounding
Slight ringing in the ears
Looking over my shoulder I take my man in the high slot
The sound of sticks clashing
Lean the shoulder in,
and take him out of the play

The pass slides harmlessly to the corner
My older brother sweeps in gracefully,
scoops it up, has a quick look around,
and heads down ice

Bad line change, their defense is out of place
Dad calls out, "Go for it!" from the bench
A quick move at the blue line,
like he always does,
and he’s away

I dump my man and give chase
Changing direction twice,
he closes in on the goalie,
picks a spot,
winds up, clean and hard

In over the right pad ... !

Whistle screeches, the Ref pointing at the back of the net
Hands in the air
High fives at the bench
Mom in the stands
Dad's grin as he calmly calls out,
"Its not over boys! Get me another one!"

Sitting with my brother smiling,
sharing the moment,
getting ready for our next shift ...

Hockey night in Canada
It’s a family affair.