Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Recently a friend posted something on Facebook that caught my eye … I hope this helps.

(Jaquith 2013)

Nothing that hasn’t been said before
Nothing that will change the way you feel
Nothing I can do to change the past
Nothing left to give away

Sometimes things fit
Sometimes things fall apart
Sometimes we put them back together
Sometimes we walk away

The lies still sting
And the scars may never heal
But the strength found in the pain
Will carry us toward something new

Take my hand in yours
Hold it strong and never let go
I knew from the moment we first met
That I would have to give myself away

You were standing right in front of me
You wouldn’t let me go
You broke my heart
You put it back together again

I was searching the stars
I was lying to myself
I know we can never change those things between us
Why does it have to be so complicated?

Bon chance Cheri.

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