Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 15 - She Comes to You in the Night

She Comes to You in the Night
(Jaquith, 2012)

She comes to you in the night
As she always will
Emerging from the darkness
A close and welcome friend

You have been waiting for her
To bring you back to life
To wash away your tears
To save you from your world

A dark and mysterious smile
A quiet and playful laugh
A desire that challenges your pride
A loneliness you cannot quench

You whisper her name
And draw on all your courage
She won’t leave you tonight
She will stay with you this time

But the rising shadows hide her eyes
The mists of morning collect her sole
The sounds of day quiet her song
The sun steals her warmth

You are left alone again
Clinging to her memory
Searching for her face
Who will watch over you today?

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